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Why Purple Door Aesthetics?

A purple front door on you home lets others know you know you are living a prosperous life.  It doesn’t necessarily mean a wealthy life, but one that is rich in quality, well-being & is honorable. A home with a purple front door shows open-mindedness, versatility & outside of the box thinking!  This door invites opportunity!  Purple is the ONLY color in Feng Shui that can point in any direction.

Michele Woodhouse, the Founder & President of Purple Door Aesthetics, brings her 15 years of Aesthetic Medical Sales & our founding company values of the Purple Door to your practice.  

Michele has a tremendous passion for partnering with her customers to launch & grow their aesthetic businesses. She brings her passion & experience directly to your practice! Whether you have been in business for year or just getting started, Michele & Purple Door Aesthetics will offer you a personalized partnership.

Our areas of expertise include; mastering the patient consultation, comprehensive practice assessments, financial & profitability assessments, staff trainings, practice compensation plans, new technology assessments & launch plans, marketing strategies & implementations, practice branding and much more!  

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Michele  Woodhouse  &  Purple  Door  Aesthetics  will  bring  these  “Purple  Door  Meanings”  to  you  &  your  practice.  We  would  be  honored  to  be  your  aesthetic  business  partner.